Documents received into email can be copied directly into Sentencing Guidelines using the following steps.

Open your email application. Tap and hold the attachment that you would like to add into Sentencing Guidelines. This pops-up a dialogue box asking into which App you would like to open the document. Scroll across and tap the Sentencing Guidelines icon.

This will copy the attachment into the Sentencing Guidelines App and open the document from within Sentencing Guidelines.

Microsoft Office documents including Word and Excel files NEED TO BE MOVED from InBox into a New Folder.

Create folders from within the app itself by clicking 'New Folder' next to the 'Edit' button (1), giving the folder a name of your choice (2) and then clicking 'Add Folder' (3) to add the new folder into your current My Documents archive.

Next, press the 'Edit' button (1), which enables you to perform a number of actions. For example, in the following image I have a file that has been placed in the wrong folder (2).

Upon clicking the 'Edit' button we have the option to Delete (1) or move (2) any give file.

To move a file, simply hold down on the move icon next to your chosen file (triple lines) and drag the file down to the correct folder. Release the icon to insert the file into its new location. When you are finished moving/deleting files, simply click 'Done', which has taken the place of the 'Edit' button.