The Sentencing Guidelines App includes a number of Tools including the Fines Calculator. This can be configured for specific regional variations where a particular Legal Justice Area tends to follow an unofficial standard for Fines enforcement.

The Fines Calculator configuration options are as follows:

Relevant Weekly Income -- the is the presumed relevant weekly income for Assumed Income (£440) and Benefit Income (£120) values. In the event of these values changing with little notice, they can be set within Fine Calculator preferences as RWI1 and RWI2 respectively. These two values appear as buttons upon the Fines Calculator.


Costs of Prosecution brought by HMCTS or the relevant agency can be programmed into the costs buttons labelled Costs 1 through to Costs 4. Changing these values will change the buttons upon the Fines Calculator and Overweight Vehicles Calculator.

The Fine Calculator supports a variety of different Rounding functions for Rounding Off, On, Up (Ceiling) and Down (Floor).

Highlighted below are the new Victim Surcharge fees. If an Offence is committed on or after the 8th April 2016 select the appropriate checkbox to change the Victim Surcharge fees.