Magistrates receive various Judicial updates, corrections and guidance from the Sentencing Council or their Justices' Clerk most of which arrive in electronic format either Microsoft Office Word or Adobe PDF format.

We want to add these into our Sentencing Guidelines App either as a general reference of useful resources or specifically in support of specific types of offence. You can add most types of document into the App including scanned documents or pictures, Microsoft Office Word and Excel or Adobe PDF documents.

To add your own documents into the "My Documents" section of the App, you need to use iTunes to select your documents and Sync them to your iPad device.

This is the process for adding documents into My Documents in the App:

Connect your iPad to your PC using the white USB cable and Open iTunes

Apple iTunes does not automatically show the menu items, so let us enable these first. This makes navigating iTunes a little easier. Tap on the little black and white square at the very top-left of the iTunes App. Click on Show Menu Bar.

With your iPad connected to your PC you will see the device appear in the menu. Tap the iPad or iPhone icon. 

This will open your device within iTunes:

Select the Apps button in the side menu, then scroll down iTunes using the scroll bar at the far-right edge. Scroll down until you see the File Sharing section.

1. Tap on the Sent Guides App icon. 2. Then tap the Add button to select documents to Save into My Documents.

From the Add dialogue box, browse to the local folder where you've stored all your items. Highlight all the items you would like to add, and click Open.

Your items are then copied into your iPad > Sentencing Guidelines App.

You can also copy folders from your PC or Mac, and they will appear within Sentencing Guidelines in the same folder structure, which will save you a great deal of time and effort. For a Mac, simply click 'Add File' as before, and select all of your files and folders: