Adobe PDF or Office attachments that you receive by email can be added into the Sentencing Guidelines App into the My Documents folder.

First you must download the attachment to your mail application. The first attachment shown below has already been downloaded and viewed.

Hold a finger upon the attachment that you would like to copy into Sentencing Guidelines. This pops-up a menu of available Apps.

Scroll through this list of Apps to find the SG icon and tap it.

This will open Sentencing Guidelines, copy your document into My Documents and open the document. The following snapshot is the default viewer for documents opened in My Documents. Press the Close button to close the document.

The following snapshot is My Documents showing the copied attachment in My Documents. 

Tap the New Folder button, enter a folder name, tap Add Folder.

Then move the recently added document into its own folder. Tap the Edit button, touch the 3-bar icon at the right-hand-end of the document bar. Drag this down after the Folder name. Tap the Done to finish editing this item.

You can also add documents into My Documents using Apple iTunes on your PC or Mac. For more information, see this solution: