Once you've created a useful list of Favourites, you can export these to a File that is stored within the Sentencing Guidelines App. Open a Favourites pop-up, tap the Export button at the top-left, then enter a description for the Favourites export file. Then tap Export.

The dialogue box will confirm the export of the Favourites and the location of that file.

To then save these exported Favourites to your PC or Mac we use Apple iTunes connected to the iPad to transfer these files. By default, iTunes does not display menu items which can make iTunes navigation difficult. 

To enable the iTunes menu, tap on the top-left-control box and select Show Menu Bar.

To enable the left-hand column, tap on the menu View > Show Sidebar.

Tap on the name of your iPad (our example below called iPad2), tap on Apps, scroll down the page past "File Sharing" to all the Apps that support internal storage. Scroll down to Sent Guides. Highlight the Favourite files that you would like to Save to... Tap the Save to button and select a local folder on your PC or Mac to store these files. You can also drag and drop from and into this file area.

Reimporting Favourites

Most of your Favourites should reimport provided that the Offence description remains the same between judicial releases. e.g. "Speeding" is the favourite description that is stored inside the favourites file and this is unlikely to ever change.

Tap a Favourites pop-up. Tap the Import button at the top-left of the Favourites pop-up. Select the Favourites file to import and tap Import.

Favourites? I never use them...

The Search function might be a quicker way of locating items instead of trying to maintain a large favourites list. This has an added benefit that you can pick between similar offences for example checking the Act of Parliament and/or find related information to an offence. For example, search for "shop" will display the Offence, factors to take into consideration & sentencing range. If you're looking for a specific offence, search for the most unique word in the Offence, e.g. education, fly, will find School Non-attendance and