The Sentencing Guidelines App for iPad costs £19.99 and requires a separate Annual Subscription for judicial updates costing £14.99 per annum. Both of these are purchased using your Apple ID. Apple require that the same Apple ID is used for both of these purchases. Therefore if you're borrowing a partners iPad but might buy your own in the future you should think about setting up your own Apple ID. You can sign out and sign in using different Apple IDs from iPad Settings > iTunes & App Store.

To purchase the App:

Open the AppStore icon on your iPad. Tap into the search box at the top-right. Type in "Sentencing Guidelines" and tap search. Tap on the £19.99 buy button and you'll be prompted to confirm your Apple ID and password. You will receive an invoice from iTunes usually in a few minutes. The App catake upto minutes to download and install depending upon your local WiFi connection.

You can also tap on the following link from your iPad:

To purchase the Annual Subscription:

Open the Sentencing Guidelines App. Tap on the Purchases page. Tap on the "Annual Subscription" and purchase this using your Apple ID. Once purchased you have access to the most recent judicial updates and your Tools bar will be available.