Every purchase that you make with your Apple ID for gifts, paid and free Apps are recorded in your Apple iTunes Account and you are emailed from do_not_reply@itunes.com. If you haven't deleted your iTunes receipt emails you can find all of these by searching your email for any emails from


To view your iTunes transaction you can use iTunes on your PC or Mac. Tap on the small black/white symbol at the extreme top-left of the iTunes App. Click on iTunes Store then View Account (your Apple ID). This will prompt for your Apple ID password.

This displays your iTunes Account Summary as follows. Tap on the All button highlighted below to view your Transactions.

This displays all your Transactions with the latest purchased displayed first. use the Previous and Next buttons to scroll through your transactions. To examine a specific line item which may contain many transactions, tap the grey arrow immediately to the left of the transaction line as highlighted below.

This then shows the specific transaction, amount and date of purchase.

To take a snapshot of this screen, on your keyboard press the keys Alt + PrtScn at the same time. Start > Run > Wordpad and Edit-Paste (Ctrl-V) into a new document. Save the document and if requested email this to support@ambay.com.