When you take out the Annual Subscription you receive an email with the Subject "You've subscribed to com.ambay.sg.12months_600_365."

The email looks something like this:

This is a 12-month Annual Subscription which is billed 30-days after you start the subscription. 

This allows (for example) a new customer to purchase the App, download all the Updates and then if they want, to cancel that subscription. Of course, provided that you don't cancel the Annual Subscription at Apple iTunes your full 12-months will be effective and you'll receive the iTunes receipt in respect of the £14.99 30-days after the subscription was started.

Managing your subscription on your PC or Mac

Tap the "Go to iTunes" link in this email to manage your Subscription using iTunes on your PC or Mac. This will display the following screen in iTunes:

If your turn off this Annual Subscription you will no longer receive access to Tools or Updates to the App. If you accidentally cancel this subscription you can resubscribe from the Purchases page inside the Sentencing Guidelines App.

Managing your subscription on your iPad

Not everyone has a PC, Mac or wants to use iTunes. You can manage your subscription on your iPad from the iPad Settings > iTunes and App Store page. Tap on your Apple ID displayed at the top of the App.

This will display details about your Account including Payment Information (where you could update your Credit Card details), Country/Region, Alerts, Gifts, Subscriptions and iTunes in the Cloud. Tap the Manage link under the Subscriptions section.

This will display all of your existing subscriptions. Tap the subscription which you wish to manage or change.

This will display the following options dialogue:

By changing the Auto-Renewal to Off, you will no longer be billed for the Annual Subscription and will not receive Updates or access to Tools.

Recovering your Annual Subscription

You can always recover your Annual Subscription from the Purchases page by tapping the "Restore Purchases" button. You will be prompted for your Apple ID and password. This will restore your purchased annual subscription. Provided you don't cancel this at iTunes you will be billed in 30-days by Apple iTunes and continue to receive updates for 12 months. You will receive a reminder before the subscription is billed again next year.

You can use the Restore Purchase button upon your second device even if the subscription was purchased on a different iPad.