There are a number of configurable Preferences in the Sentencing Guidelines App. You can access the Preferences page by selecting the drop down ellipse (shown below) and opening Prefs from the Top Toolbar.

1. You can choose whether you want the items of the top toolbar to be displayed as Text or as an Icon (shown above).

2. Costs of Prosecution brought by HMCTS or the relevant agency can be programmed into the costs buttons labelled Costs 1 through to Costs 4. Changing these values will change the buttons upon the Fines Calculator and Overweight Vehicles Calculator.

3. Relevant Weekly Income -- the is the presumed relevant weekly income for Assumed Income (£400) and Benefit Income (£110) values. In the event of these values changing with little notice, they can be set within Fine Calculator preferences. These two values appear as buttons upon the Fines Calculator and Overweight Vehicles Calculator.

4. The Fine Calculator supports a variety of different Rounding functions for Rounding Off, On, Up (Ceiling) and Down (Floor).

5. This setting is 'Highlight items updated within'. When a new PDF file or updated index is release these items are highlighted in GREEN. You can choose a range of days for how long you would updated to be highlighted. The options are 45, 30, 15, and 0 for no highlight.

6. The Offences index can be configured to be automatically ordered by A-ZPage numberAct of Parliament or Offence Grouping. Configuring a default offence index will force the app to use this selection each time the App is started.

7. Pronouncement Cards can also be customised to default to Adult, Adult WelshFamilyYouth or Youth Welsh.

8. Bench Books can also be customised to default to AdultFamily, Youth, Crown or Companion.