The following is a guide on how to Remove and Reinstall the Sentencing Guidelines App. It is important that you're signed into your Device with the Google Play account you ORIGINALLY purchased Sentencing Guidelines with.

This Guide is for Android 4.4.2, if you have a different version installed, some of these steps may vary.

The first step of Removing the Sentencing Guidelines App is to visit the Home screen. You can do this by single clicking the Home button.

Once you are on your Home screen you need to Locate the show all Apps button. Shown below.

You can then search through your list of Apps until you find the Sentencing Guidelines logo. When you have done so, you can click and drag the icon to the Trash Can. Shown below.

When you have done this, you are then given a warning message, click OK to delete the App.

When the App is deleted you can then visit the Google Play Store. You can find the Play Store icon as shown below.

When you view the Play Store a good way of finding the App is to use the Search feature, this is a bar on the top left hand side.

1. The Search bar.

2. The App is displayed, you can click this to proceed.

You can then press the INSTALL button.

You are then shown a list of Permissions, and may also be asked to enter your Google Play details. Click accept and enter your Details if necessary.

The App will then Download, you can click OPEN to start the App when it's Downloaded and Installed.