The Sentencing Guidelines App features a Favourites system which can be used to create a handy list of Offences and references in support of the Court listing.

Each index item has a star next to it. You can add an item to Favourites by pressing the star, it is then highlighted and added to Favourites. You can remove an item from Favourites by pressing and deselecting a highlighted Star.

Item 1 below shows a number of items which have been added to Favourites.

Item 2 shows Non-Favourited items.


The App features a Favourites tab which displays any index you favourite.

To view your favourites, click the "Favs" tab located on the top toolbar. The image below shows the Favourites menu.

1. You can choose to view different categories of favourites by selecting a segment.

2. You can choose to view from some additional categories by using the pop over window, located at the bottom right of the favourites tab.

3. Here you can choose to view some additional categories, as well as importing and exporting Favourites to save/recover your Favourite offences.

4. The category in which you are browsing is displayed.

5. Favourites in the chosen category are displayed by the Offence Name, the Act of Parliament and the Page Number.

If you want to create a backup of your Favourites you can use the Export Feature of the Favourites Tab. As shown in item 3 above. You can do this by pressing Export, and choosing a Title. You can also choose to import any previously exported items back into Favourites.