One of the Preferences in the Sentencing Guidelines App is the option to hide the top-toolbar when viewing an Offence page (or any page using the internal viewer). We put the phrase "experts only" against this as you really need to understand how to recover the toolbar so that you can close the PDF viewer when the toolbar is not displayed.


The Offence Viewer is used to manage your navigation around Adobe PDF files. It provides a toolbar containing buttons to close the viewer, view thumbnails, the Offence Title, Act of Parliament and page number. These are provided so you may assist another Chairman or Winger with a Page-reference or to verify you're both literally "on the same page".

Once you're familiar with the App you may want to enable the Auto-Hide option which automatically hides the toolbar providing an unobstructed view of the Offence PDF. When correctly configured, as soon as you click upon the Offence PDF page, the toolbar disappears:

To recover the Toolbar simply tap the top-centre or bottom-centre of the Offence Guideline, as illustrated by the following snapshot. This will recover the Toolbar to the top of the Offence Guideline, so that you can reference the Offence info and get access to the Done button to close the Viewer and return to a prior Index.

Configure Enable Auto-Hide Toolbar

This section describes how to configure the above option for Auto-Hide Toolbar.

1. Close the Sent Guides Application - double-click the home button. Click and hold the Sent Guides icon in the footer band. Click the red minus button to close Sent Guides. Now that Sent Guides is closed, when restarted it will use the changed settings that you will make to iPad Settings > Sent Guides. If the Sentencing Guidelines App is still running, none of the following settings will make an difference.

2. Find and click the following icon on your iPad:

3. Scroll down past Settings to Applications. Find and click the Sent Guides icon. On the right the following Settings are displayed.

Find the PDF Viewer option "Enable auto-hide toolbar" and slide the button right to reveal "ON".

The next time you start Sentencing Guidelines, the PDF Offence Viewer toolbar will automatically hide as soon as you start touching the Offence Guideline. Remember you can get the toolbar to reappear at anytime by tapping the top-centre or bottom-centre of the Offence page.

This How-To video walks through Configuring Auto-Hide Toolbar and generally navigating using the Offence Viewer.

Click here to pop-out this video to YouTube.