The following is a guide on how to Remove and Reinstall the Sentencing Guidelines App. It is important that you're signed into your iPad with the Apple ID you ORIGINALLY purchased Sentencing Guidelines with.

The first step of Removing the Sentencing Guidelines App is to visit the iPad Home screen. You can do this by single clicking the Home button.

You can then find the Sentencing Guidelines App icon, click and hold the icon until it shakes and an X appears.

You can then press the X, you will see a confirmation. Click Delete to remove the App.

When you have deleted the App you can then open the App Store. The BLUE icon is often found on the first page of the iPad Home Screen.

When you have opened the App Store, an easy way to find Sentencing Guidelines is to use the Search feature, this is a bar on the top right hand side. If you search for Sentencing Guidelines you will find either an INSTALL button or a Cloud icon. Clicking either will start the Download, you will be prompted to enter the Password for your Apple ID account at this point.

When the App has downloaded you can then use the OPEN button and start the App.