Magistrates receive various Judicial updates, corrections and guidance from the Sentencing Council or their Justices' Clerk most of which arrive in electronic format either Microsoft Office Word or Adobe PDF format.

We want to add these into our Sentencing Guidelines App either as a general reference of useful resources or specifically in support of specific types of offence. You can add most types of document into the App including scanned documents or pictures, Microsoft Office Word and Excel or Adobe PDF documents.

To add your own documents into the "My Documents" section of the App, you need to use iTunes to select your documents and Sync them to your iPad device.

This is the process for adding documents into My Documents in the App:

1. Connect your iPad and Open iTunes - click on the device in iTunes.

2. Click on the Apps button at the top of iTunes, and then,

3. Scroll down to File Sharing.

4. Under File Sharing, scroll-down the list of Apps and find and click on Sent Guides.

5. Click the Add... button. This will display a dialogue window where you will select files to add to the app.

6. From the dialogue box, that appeared when you clicked 5. above, browse to a local folder where you keep your Judicial material. This example uses a folder called <SG Assets> from where files are added. Use Ctrl-click to select only the files you require. Click Open when you've selected all your files.

Your files are then added into iTunes ... and appear in the Sent Guides Documents list.

7. Click Sync to push these documents onto your iPad device. YOU MUST click SYNC to complete the import of documents to your iPad.

This is a short YouTube demonstrating how to manage adding files and resources into the App using iTunes 11.

To get started check that you have the Apple iTunes application installed on your PC or Mac. To download iTunes from the Apple website, click the following link:

Create a folder on your PC (such as in Documents) and Save or copy your useful Court documents into this folder. It is a good idea to use the same folder for all your content so that if you remove the App you can quickly reload all of your documents.

Tap the play button below to watch a YouTube demonstration of adding documents into My Documents.